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Of all the artists specializing in realism, Ozzy is by far one of the greatest and the most distinct on the West Coast. His obsessive attention to detail creates intimately beautiful, often surreal, but hyper realistic black and grey pieces that "move and breathe". His particular attention to details makes each piece seem closer and more real than a photograph ever would. 

A tattoo artist smiling to camera while working


Currently specializing in anime tattoos, Yakir has perfected a technique that gives his tattoos a unique textured appearance. And since he has drawn his inspiration from Japanese art and culture, he also loves working in the traditional Japanese style of tattooing.  



LA native, born & raised. A modern day Renaissance man, Garrick Lee aka G-Man is an artist specializing in black & grey. His favorite subjects are cartoon characters and custom script letters. 

A guy with hat smile in the camera


Originally from Baltimore, Andrew recently started a new chapter by moving across the country to sunny California. He specializes in blackwork and black traditional tattoos, but also does excellent fine line work. Come to Andrew with any of your dark themed tattoos!



His background in photography and costume design allows Shay to create detailed and meaningful tattoos that tell a story. His extensive knowledge of color theory is flawlessly applied to his art, creating beautifully vibrant pieces. Among his favorite subjects are plants and animals.


Isabela Valotti

Isabela is an artist from Brazil, she moved out here 8 years ago to pursue her acting career and transitioned into visual arts in the process. She is mostly focused on fineline and micro realism, black and grey tattoos. A combination of different textures is how she likes creating her own designs. Textured shading, juxtaposed by fine line, and some black work. 

Mike Kso

Mike comes from a colorful background culminating into a professional piercer with 8 years experience in the industry. He specializes in ear curations , utilizing gold and titanium pieces to create beautiful and intricate arrangements for his clients. In addition to curations, he loves to design jewelry and hopes to launch his own jewelry brand in the future. 


Nadine Souza

Nadine is a Brazilian artist, she always had a passion for drawing since a very young age and graduated art school in Brazil.

Her passion shows in her work and she specializes in fine line and micro realism, but she also loves doing traditional pieces and having freedom in doing custom pieces!


Ran (Costello)

Ran (Costello) Shimoni is an Israeli artist and fashion designer and an ultimate inspiration of Costello Tattoo & Piercing Studio. He is known for his uniquely creative approach and incredible attention to details, depth, weight, and density to his art. His main specialty is micro realism, fine line black & gray work.  

Tattoo artist working in the body of a person


Co-founder of Costello Tattoo & Piercing Studio and one of the most inspiring female artists in Los Angeles. The majority of Emma's custom designs focus on detailed and emotive floral and animal micro realism, textured realism and fine line detail pieces. Thin fine line work is Emma's passion, each tattoo is a one of it's kind sweet story with it's own realistic twist, rather than a bold statement of color. 

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