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Realism Tattoos

Realistic tattoos have become more popular over the course of the last several years, and this trend seems to show no signs of subsiding. The modern body art and fine art that is created at Costello Tattoo & Piercing Studio in Sherman Oaks make your visit a unique experience. We're hard at work coming up with original tattoo designs that make your wildest tattoo fantasies a reality.

Realism tattoos
Realism tattoos

What are realism tattoos?

Tattoos that are realistic or photorealistic are works of art that are designed to look like photographs or three-dimensional representations of real-world objects. This is a highly refined artistic technique that requires a significant amount of time spent practicing. The use of photorealism in tattooing lends itself well to the creation of portraits of humans or animals, as well as close-up images with realistic details. One of the tattoo styles that is seeing the most rapid expansion as well as the greatest demand is realism and portrait tattoos.

A realistic style is one of the methods most frequently applied in the art of tattooing. Realistic tattoos are easily recognizable by their hyper-realistic depictions, which often take the form of intricately rendered portraits or settings.

These tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Tattoo artists with a high level of talent and experience who focus on realistic work are often the ones responsible for creating realism tattoos. As a direct consequence of this, realism tattoos may cost quite a bit. However, the effects for the majority of individuals, are well worth the investment.

What are the different styles of realism tattoos?

Tattoos that are considered to be realistic may be further broken down into two distinct substyles: photo-realism and hyper-realism.

Tattoos that are considered to be hyper-realistic are very detailed and often use a variety of colors and shading to produce a lifelike look. The inclusion of full-color realism introduces a whole new variable into the mix. Not only does creating a full-color realism tattoo require an exceptional level of concentration and talent, but it can also take a significant amount of time. In many cases, achieving the desired effects will require the application of many, intricate layers. However, if everything is done well, the end result might appear so lifelike that you want to reach out and grab it.

On the other hand, photo realism tattoos use black and gray inks to produce a more subdued form of realism tattoo. Black and gray realism and color realism are the two fundamental approaches to the art of realism in tattooing. This style makes exclusive use of black and gray ink, producing results that are comparable to those of a black and white photograph. When an artist does away with color, they are better able to concentrate on the subtle details and shade in their work.

Finding your tattoo artist.

When selecting a tattoo artist for your realistic design, it is crucial to proceed with caution. Experience is very valuable when striving for a realistic effect. You should go through many design portfolios until you find a designer whose work is an exact fit for what it is that you have in mind.

Getting on with your tattoo artist also makes the world of difference as you spend many hours together and you will have a piece of their artwork and creativity on your body for a lifetime.

How to take care of your realism tattoo.

After your session, your artist will clean your tattoo, then wrap or bandage it, depending on whatever they choose. During the time that your tattoo is healing, you should keep it away from any possible sources of germs. Because benches, mats, and equipment found at gyms are known to be a popular source of germs, we advise that you limit your contact with these items for at least one week.

It is very important to properly care for your tattoo not only while it is healing but also long term. Be cautious to cover your tattoo when you go outside in the sun since its powerful UV rays may swiftly fade the ink that was added with the utmost care.

Our in-house artists will provide you with any and all information that you need on the healing process of your tattoo.

In conclusion, those individuals who are looking for a tattoo that seems to be highly realistic may find that realism tattoos are an excellent option to consider as they are timeless.

At Costello Tattoo & Piercing Studio, we have the best tattoo artists that specialize in both color and black and white realism and who have expertise working with this art form. Our tattoo artists have worked on a variety of clients and have a great deal of experience in the industry. Check out the portfolios of our artists on our website, or get in touch with Costello Tattoo & Piercing Studio to make an appointment for a tattoo consultation and let our professionals bring your concept to life.


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